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Grounding Straps & Tinsel

Static Control Grounding Straps and Tinsel

Personal Grounding Equipment

PLX's full line of grounding devices includes watches, wrist straps, heel grounding, anti static spray, adhesive mats and sticky rollers and tinsel. We have all different types of equipment for different applications including Printing, Textile, Converting, Plastics and anywhere there are moving webs and conveyors. Special applications include Office Machines, Fitness Equipment and Ticket Dispensers.

Cleanroom Supplies - Static Elimination Tiinsel

Anti-Static Copper Tinsel

PLX's line of tinsel and anti-static brushes can be used in manufacturing environment where high charges bring shocks or fire potential. Brushes come in carbon fiber and stainless steel for different applications. PLX Industries Static Tinsel is of high quality 100% copper construction. The core is made of copper wire to ensure positive grounding and strength.
Static Control - Anti Static Spray


Anti-Static Spray

PLX Anti-Static Spray can be used anywhere you have a problem with static generation. Our Anti-Static Spray eliminates positive and negative static electricity and comes in a large 14 oz. aerosol can. Use on Feeder Boards, Machine Guides, Rollers, Knife Blades, Conveyor Belts and Carpets


Cleanroom Supplies - Personal Grounding Straps

Grounding Straps

Our PLX Static Grounding Strips are longer lasting because of the absence of moving parts. These straps have a magnetic connection between the wristband and coil cord. This electrical connection eliminates intermittent failures of some snaps and holds the connection for up 1-5 lbs of pulling force. The strap is made of a non-shedding, non-sloughing replaceable lightweight fabric band and will not introduce contaminates into the work area and can be replaced without replacing the entire wrist band.

Personal Grounding

  • • Watches, Wrist straps, Static Spray
  • • Adhesive Mats
  • • Prevent Shock, Spark and Fire
  • • Carbon Fiber Brushes
  • • Stainless Steel Brushes

Anti-Static Spray

  • • Prevent Static Generation
  • • Eliminate Positive and Negative static
  • • 14 oz. Aerosol Can

More Static Control and Elimination Products

Pinpoint Ionization

Static Control Spot & Pinpoint Ionizers

Need localized static elimination? Is air flow ionization impossible? Our Model 1550 Spot Ionizer provides a constant ion pulse rate and ion balance control allowing for effective static control in specific manufacturing areas. It is practical to use in areas where ionizing static bars or ionizing blower units cannot fit.

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Ionizing Air Blowers

Static Control Ionizing Air Blowers

Our Ionizing Air Blowers remove static from the three dimensional parts and can be used at either a close or far distance. Control static on plastic parts, packaging components, unwinds, printing, converting, electronics, textiles or other applications where static control is necessary.

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Ionizing Static Bars

Static Control Ionizing Static Bars

Our leading industrial ionizing static bars are ideal for web and sheet application. Our products can produce equeal amounts of positive and negative ions with up to four inch distance of static control. Our ionizing static bars can be manufactured at sizes ranging from 2 inches to 144 inches and are applied in areas where a rugged static eliminator is necessary.

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Pulsed DC Static Equipment

Static Control, Pulsed DC Supplies

When long range airless industrial ionization is required, you most likely will need pulsed DC static control equipment. Our equpment also allows for ion speed control to target static prone areas.

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Static Meter

Static Control, Static Measuring Meters

PLX's Static meter is a non-contact device that indicates electrostatic field voltage and polarity on charged surfaces. It also comes equiped with a Power On/Hold button and a zero button and shuts off after 90 seconds.

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Ionizing Air Guns/Nozzles

Static Control, Ionizing Air Guns

Our Hand Ionizing Blow Off System is practical for areas where contamination can  create manufacturing or handling problems. Our hand gun ionizers and air nozzles are a great tools to combat ElectroStatic Attraction [ESA].
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Cleanroom Supplies

Static Control Cleanroom Supplies

Have a dust problem? PLX can help with a full line of Cleanroom Supplies. We have a variety of sizes and different materials of Shoe Covers, Latex, Vinyl and Nitrile Protective Gloves, Face Masks/Beard Covers and Coveralls. PLX can help with your dust and static control.

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Tack Floor Mats

Static Control, Adhesive Mats

Need a unique, cost-effective solution to capturing static-prone dirt and particles before they contaminate your workplace? Our PLX Mats are the ideal first line of defense against unwanted dirt and contamination from shoes and equipment wheels. Our sticky mats are easier to use than synthetic, vinyl or capet masts.

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Steady State/Pulsed DC

Static Control, Steady State Pulsed DC Equipment

Controlling static on plastic parts, printing, converting, electronics, textiles, packaging components, unwinds or other applications where static control is necessary is important. Our Steady State/pulsed DC Equipment removes static from the three dimensional parts and can be used at either a close or far distance.

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Grounding Straps/Tinsel

Static Control, Grounding Supplies, Tinsel

We have many different types of equipment for different applications. PLX's full line of grounding devices include watches, wrist straps, heel grounding, anti static spray, cleaning mats and rollers and tinsel.

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Static control equipment is primarily used in industries that process plastic, paper, electronics, nonwovens, medical products, automotive, textiles, converting, printing, packaging and non-metals manufacturing where stubborn dust and dirt can be problematic. PLX Industries Static Control can solve your static and dust problems right now.

We can also help you with Cleanroom Sticky Mats.